I wanted to address a common issue with the Peloton bike, which happens to be people commenting on either the music being too low in comparison to the instructor commentary or the instructor commentary being to high in comparison to the music.

First, we wont’ fix the mix level from Peloton, it is what it is and if you ride enough you know that it varies from ride to tide.

Second, just as a heads up, I’m not a fan of riding with headphones, either in ear on on ear – you run into all kinds of issues from things like delay in sound to headphones, headphones being uncomfortable or just the fact that riding with them (over ear especially) can create quite the funky smell no matter how much you try and keep them clean.

We have all seen some videos of people with awesome setups, screens, projectors, in wall speakers, etc.  I however don’t have that amount of room, I have an office / rowing room / Peloton room in a single 10 X 12 room in my home.

I was also missing the feeling that we all know of when riding in group class of thumping sound that helps to add energy to the over all ride.

Below you will find my setup, the costs, and the most important part; regardless of how “bad” I had found rides sounding using either the speakers in the bike itself or riding with a headset, using my current setup helped beyond belief to add an entirely new level of enthusiasm to each ride.

The cost breakdown below shows you the total cost for the Bluetooth unit, the speakers and the shelf that I used to hold the speakers.

Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier – [More than enough power to drive even the top book shelf speakers to blow you out of your room.  In addition to being able to connect wireless to your Peloton bike, it has inputs for your Iphone / Music player in addition to a USB charge port.

Pioneer SP-BS22 Speakers – These are excellent speakers with more than enough power for what you need them for.

So, for about $150 dollars, plus the cost of speaker wire from Home Depot, you have a setup that will provide you with sound that rivals your local spin studio.

Please feel free to let me know of any comments or questions.



  1. How can I import my own playlists into my Peloton bike? Obviously not for over a live studio but for Scenic rides. I want to play in my own playlist during Scenic rides


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