To be blunt, when I originally authored this post I did a poor job; and I know this from the number of emails I get about this post – entirely driven by my lack of clarity, so let’s start again.

The key things I want you to take away from this post are;

  • Download the Excel sheet below and graph your output settings.
  • When you graph your output figures, as funny as it sounds, do not focus on the actual output numbers matching my figures; focus on the following.
    • First, at each resistance setting, as you move to a higher cadence, your graph should move predictably higher and in a smooth fashion from left to right; [See graph below]
    • Second, the gap between each DIFFERENT resistance setting at THE SAME CADENCE should be somewhat uniform.

Below is what you don’t want to see, should be self explanatory;

What is your takeaway? You should be re-calibrating your bike per the instructions to first create your baseline. Second, you can use the Excel sheet below to measure your bike on your own schedule to determine if your bike needs adjustment. Peloton Measurement Sheet




  1. If on one hand you say that output is categorically NOT related to calibration, in that calibration only affects resistance feel, then what does it mean if our bikes don’t match the graph above? An error in how the bike tablet is calculating output from the inputs of resistance and cadence? How do we fix this, if calibration does not affect how the tablet calculates output?


    1. Apologies, not sure how I missed this. If I understand your question correctly; focus first on calibration per the instructions. Second, measure per this post in regards to output and focus on the the 2 items; smooth linear move from left to right in regards to measurement and then insure there are not abnormal gaps between the multiple resistance settings.


  2. Thanks for the instructions. Worked like a charm. My wife and I have two rescue dogs Bella and Leo. I will definitely send a donation to our local pound where we got them.


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