On any given day we will get between 70 to 100 visitors, we do receive emails with questions that have some very common themes to them.  In this post I will address the most common questions that consistently come up.

Question #1 – How / why did you come up with your Peloton screen name?

Question #2 – What are your thoughts on riding with HR monitors?

If you don’t ride with an HR monitor then you are not actively engaged in developing or executing a plan to improve your cardio development; simple as that.  You can’t improve what you can’t measure and using an HR monitor is the simplest and least expensive way to drastically improve your workouts; from measuring progress, to assuring that your workout is matching your objective (fat burning versus cardio development as an example).  The only time you will find a ride from me that doesn’t have an HR reading is due to an issue having it connect to the bike, that’s the only reason.

There are also side benefits to using an HR monitor; first, there is no better “truth serum” as it relates to ones fitness level.  In the spirit of calibration, as an example, if you are obtaining output levels in excess of 1,000 in a 45 minute for example, but your HR never exceeds 85%, you know you have a bike problem, hence your need to calibrate your bike.

Second and most important to me given how much I travel, I often find myself with limited options for cardio exercise.  Usually at best it’s an old cycling bike tucked away in a dark hotel gym.  However, because I know what my HR readings are on my home bike at various cadence and resistance settings, I can effectively learn any bike over the period of 5 minutes to determine that bikes setup.  Knowing that, it becomes very simple to take a Peloton bike ride that is as close as possible to my home studio.

Question #3 – What HR monitors do you use?

First, trust me, I’ve tried them all, every style, every brand.  Today, my go to monitor when riding my Peloton is the Polar T34 Transmitter HR Chest Strap, it’s the best I have ever used and the most accurate.  When doing cardio exercise that is not tied to my Peloton, I use the Polar M430 watch.  Now to be clear, in the past I have despised using watch HR monitors as they are almost always 3 to 5 beats off from a chest monitor and more importantly they usually are 3 to 5 seconds behind in registering an increase or a decrease (light measuring HR monitors have also been known to not work as well with darker complexion people such as myself).  However, I have to tell you, this Polar M430 is a game changer.  It consistently measures within one beat as my chest HR monitor reacts just as quickly.  It DOES NOT connect to the Peloton at this point, it uses Bluetooth, not ANT+.  However, for non Peloton workouts it’s great, has a GPS function for running and connects with Polar’s online training software which is excellent.

Question #4 – What teacher do you ride with the most? What classes do you do the most?

Honestly, I pretty much ride with every teacher, but like many I have my favorites for various reasons.  In general order of importance to me, I prefer teachers that I feel ride with correct form (little out of saddle), I prefer live classes versus recorded and I lean more towards 30 minute classes now versus 45 minutes since I do add 5000 meters on my Concept 2 to any day that I spin in addition to lifting 4 to 5 times per week.

As far as type of class, this simply doesn’t matter to me as regardless of a rides structure / title, I am having to edit at least 80% of the ride given adjusted resistance and the avoidance of short term out of saddle / high cadence / tap backs, arm exercises and warm-up periods longer than 2 to 3 minutes.  It’s much more important to determine yourself what type of exercise you are looking for in that given day (cardio, fat burn, recovery, etc) than trying to shoe horn a given ride into what you are looking for.



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